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  • Juan Manuel Martín a corporate consultant, speaker and author of several books.

    After an extensive academic education in telecommunications engineering in Spain and in the UK, and in business at the IESE Business School, he held various executive positions that culminated as general manager for Spain and Portugal of a North American multinational technology company.

    After reaching this point in his career in the corporate world, he decided to make a halt and engage in a personal journey of search for wisdom about life and human nature – two areas that had always been of interest to him.

    As a consequence of this journey and the personal transformation that it meant for him, he took the decision to change paths in his professional life. In 2003 he founded the consultancy company TBDO with the mission to make a positive contribution to the success of companies and the wellbeing of people in their working lives.

    Today, he combines his activities in the world of business with that of writer and speaker within his passion to make a contribution to enrich the lives of other people. He is the author of three books, one of them published in the United States, what makes of him one of the few authors in Spain published in that market.

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  • Speaking

    Juan Manuel is an expert in innovation, future strategy, new business models, executive productivity and performance, and motivation and happiness/wellbeing at work. He delivers masterclasses and keynotes at companies, business schools, universities and events on the following topics:


    Innovation strategy
    Design thinking
    Systematic inventive thinking
    Future thinking
    New business models
    Executive productivity and performance
    Wellbeing and happiness at work

  • In the Media

    Seen and interviewd in prestigious media in Spain and international.

  • Clients

    Juan Manuel has spoken at conferences and led programs and seminars at well known companies,
    organisations and universities in Spain and abroad. Amongst them:

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  • Testimonials

    “In our constant interest to offer our alumni continuous education on their professional development, we asked Juan Manuel Martín to teach a workshop on entrepreneurship in mid age. The workshop was a total success and the comments of participants were really positive. Many of them expressed the usefulness of the workshop was enormous for them. In CEU Alumni we are very grateful to Juan Manuel and we will continue to count on him for future events”.
    María Jesús Lago
    Alumni Director CEU San Pablo University
    "In our desire to contribute to the success of companies in the Guadalajara region, we invited Juan Manuel Martín to give a keynote at the annual conference of CEOE-CEPYME Guadalajara (Chamber of Commerce, Guadalajara chapter). The subject, in itself suggestive - six keys for happiness and success at work- came alive when, in a fun and dynamic way he showed us not only how employee happiness is a key strategic component of business success, but also gave us the keys to be happier in our work. Thanks a lot Juan Manuel for your enriching contributions to our conference and our life."
    Javier Arriola
    General Secretary - CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations)
    "Very original sessions filled with valuable content that have facilitated very good reflections and have given participants an unforgettable experience. The enormous communication capacity of Juan Manuel, as well as his own experience as corporate executive in various companies is an asset that he uses very well to connect with other professionals."
    Emilio Cortés
    Human Resources Director - BT Spain
    "We invited Juan Manuel to our 2016 Chief Financial Officers annual conference in The Hague, which had the theme "Finance on the Move." From the very beginning he captivated our audience with his story of change and transformation. His storytelling is inspiring as well as practical both for private life and work. During his presentation he gave us some comfort for decisions taken in the past and just enough discomfort to force us to rethink the future."
    Derk-Jan B. Stol
    Corporate Director of finance, control and financial strategy. National Netherlanden (Holland)
    "In the summer course organized by itSMF and the Polytechnic University of Madrid in 2014 about information technology and management practices, we decided to do something different and go deeper and learn about something that was missing in previous years, and that had to do with the human factor. We invited Juan Manuel to do the opening keynote. His presentation was so interesting and welcomed that I want to congratulate him and express our profound gratitude, already inviting him to the next editions of this course."
    Luis Sánchez
    Director of itSMF and professor at University Polytechnic of Madrid (UPM)
  • Books & initiatives

    Besides his professional work in the field of business consultancy, Juan Manuel writes books, collaborates with the media and leads initiatives that have the objective of making a positive contribution to the lives of other people.

  • Books

    Have a great day

    In a practical and motivational way, this book presents keys and habits that bring happiness and success at work… and also in life.

    The book challenges the reader to make every day a great day providing him or her with the tools to achieve it.

    For the moment this book is only available in the Spanish language.

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    The Aliveness Factor

    This book is based on what Juan Manuel Martín discovered in the personal journey of search for wisdom that he undertook after leaving his work as a corporate executive. In it he shows how it is actually our being and feeling vibrantly alive the main factor for our happiness and joy in life. It is precisely this aspect what is behind the idiosyncratic joy of living of the Mediterranean cultures.

    The books presents his findings but also provides a way for people from anywhere in the world to ignite their joy of living and bring some Mediterranean spirit into their lives.

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    35 Reflections on being happy in life

    This book presents thirty-five reflections that make us think about those aspects of life that we sometimes forget in our fast paced lives but that have a great impact on our happiness and life satisfaction.

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  • Initiatives